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Landsail Tyres

If you are looking for Landsail tyres Bromsgrove, visit us without any hesitation.

Keyworth Garages. is an authorised retailer of budget-friendly Landsail tyres, suitable for any car make and model.

You can either buy tyres directly from us or book a set online and then pay later after installation at our facility.

Types of Landsail tyres at our garage

  • All-season (4-Seasons)

Landsail’s all-season tyres are manufactured with unique intermediate rubber compounds that reduce rolling noise and also offer enhanced ride comfort due to their thick grooves and open shoulder blocks.

You can expect superior traction and strong braking performance while driving. These all-season tyres also have distinct tread patterns that optimise traction in moderate summer and winter conditions.

  • Summer (LS288, QIRIN 990)

Shallow tread patterns with narrow grooves deliver unmatched cornering control and reduced rolling resistance. These Landsail tyres Bromsgrove are made up of a hard rubber compound which increases tread life as well.

  • Winter (Winter Lander, Snow Star)

These winter tyres are made out of soft rubber compound to offer flexibility in wintry road conditions. Install these winter tyres on your vehicle for optimum traction on snowy and slippery tarmacs.

  • Run-flat (LS388)

Landsail run-flat tyres will let you cover a certain distance at limited speeds even after a sudden puncture.

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All tyres by Landsail Tyres
Landsail CLV2
Price from £73.38
Landsail CT6
Price from £49.16
Landsail LS188
Price from £41.05
Landsail LS288
Price from £42.76
Landsail LS388
Price from £41.65
Landsail LS588
Price from £51.10
Landsail LSV88
Price from £64.75