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Are you looking for 4x4 Tyres for your vehicle?

Are you looking for high quality 4x4 tyres Bromsgrove? Reach us at  Keyworth Garages. We are a trusted tyre retailer, offering an amazing range of products at our facility.

You can also book 4x4 tyres Bromsgrove online via our official website and then pay later after fitment at our garage. We stock these units from various premium, mid-range and budget brands across the globe.

4x4 tyres are specialised units, tailored for Sport Utility Vehicles and offer outstanding driving stability and grip, both on and off-road. Plus, for enhanced driving experience and steering precision, these tyres feature rugged tread blocks, deeper treads and reinforced sidewalls.

Types of SUV tyres at our facility

  • Highway-Terrain (H/T)

These models are specifically designed for superb traction and handling on-road and are relatively lightweight in construction.

  • Mud-Terrain (M/T)

These units are meant for off-road usage and feature robust tread patterns and rigid sidewall construction. You can expect superior driving comfort, handling and traction even on mud, grass and other rugged terrains.

  • All-Terrain (A/T)

All-terrain 4x4 tyres Bromsgrove strike a perfect balance between off-road and on-road performance. Plus, they are capable of offering excellent levels of comfort, longevity and handling.

Best-selling SUV tyres at our establishment

  • Michelin CrossClimate SUV

CrossClimate SUV is an all-season on-road 4x4 tyre offering safety and driving comfort throughout the year. It is constructed using a specialised mix of compounds which ensure enhanced grip, shorter braking distances and reduced fuel consumption. Although it is an on-road tyre, car owners can utilise it for light off-road purposes as well.

  • Pirelli Scorpion Winter

Pirelli’s Scorpion Winter is appropriate for modern SUVs and CUVs, ensuring optimum performance in snowy, wet and dry winter conditions. Besides, the models come equipped with various technologies like Run Flat, PNCS and Seal Inside.

  • Yokohama GEOLANDAR A/T G015

The Geolandar A/T manufactured by Yokohama is one of the best-selling 4x4 tyres Bromsgrove. Along with improved driving comfort and traction, this unit ensures durability and extended tread life. The optimised lug grooves and new pitch variation enable quick water evacuation, thus improving aquaplaning resistance.

  • Bridgestone BLIZZAK LM005

A popular winter SUV model from Bridgestone, Blizzak L005 is awarded EU Label Grade A for superior performance in wet conditions. The product features a zig-zag tread pattern that removes water, slush, and snow from the surface. Some of the models are also available as run-flat variants.

Hence, with us, Keyworth Garages., put an end to your searches for ‘4x4 tyres near me.’

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