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Are you looking for Car Battery Replacement Services for your vehicle?

An optimally functioning car battery is crucial for the efficient functioning of several vehicular mechanisms. The battery does much more than starting your car. It also powers the lights, AC unit, radio, windows, etc. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for a routine battery check to ensure your car performs properly without any hassle.

Further, since batteries cannot be repaired, you must opt for a professional car battery replacement Bromsgrove.

For that, you needn’t look any further than us at Keyworth Garages. 

We are equipped with advanced tools and have a team of professional experts who will easily identify any underlying issue in your car battery.

What are the symptoms of malfunctioning batteries?

Listed below are some of the distinct warning signs of a faulty car battery Bromsgrove.

  • Lower level of battery fluid

This is one of the main symptoms of an impending battery failure. A malfunctioning battery leads to overcharging, which in turn, causes a decrease in the fluid level. Hence, if you see that the battery's fluid level is below the lead plates, come to us immediately for a thorough check up.

  • Dim headlights

If there is any issue with the battery, the headlights will appear dimmer and other components might malfunction as well. 

  • Slow engine crank

Faults in the car battery will jeopardise the performance of the engine. It will either take a longer time to start or will not start at all. 

  • Bloated battery case

In case you notice a swollen or bloated battery case, we recommend you reach us at the earliest for a prompt and affordable replacement. We stock a wide collection of batteries, suitable for any car make and model.

What are the causes of battery failure?

Listed below are 3 main reasons behind failing batteries.

  • Cold outside temperatures
  • Inefficient maintenance.
  • Old battery (over 4-5 years).

Therefore, if you face any issue with your car's battery, do not search for "battery repairing services near me" and reach us at the earliest.

We have an exhaustive collection of batteries for all vehicle categories. Hence, whether you own an SUV, a high-performance sports car or a passenger sedan, we have you covered. Further, all our batteries are OE-grade; therefore, you can rest assured about quality.

To book an appointment or for further details, connect with Keyworth Garages. on our given contact details.

Phone: 01527916838 and

Address: 49 Kidderminster Rd, Bromsgrove B61 7LA.