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Are you looking for Tyre Labelling for your vehicle?

Since 1st November 2012, it has been mandatory for all tyre products in the United Kingdom to be correctly labelled before sale. The label provides crucial information related to a tyre’s braking performance in wet conditions, fuel consumption, and noise level.

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Decoding the EU tyre label

Please note that off-road, spare, vintage, studded tyres, etc. do not fall under EU tyre label norms.

The EU tyre label relays the following crucial information:

  • Fuel economy

The fuel consumption rating ranges from most fuel-efficient tyres to least fuel-efficient ones, denoted by the letters A and G, respectively.

Note: When you select A-rated tyres instead of G units, you can save up to 7.5% of fuel.

  • Noise emission

The EU tyre label measures noise levels in decibels, and it is reflected in the form of three waves. Tyres with one wave indicate the least noisy product, while those with three bars denote the noisiest ones.

  • Braking distance and wet grip

For effective grip on wet surfaces, tyre makers are continually innovating tread patterns to enhance braking performance and lessen the risk of hydroplaning. Similar to fuel economy, wet grip rating also ranges from a scale of A to G, with A indicating the shortest braking distance and G corresponding to the longest.

You must note that all car tyres Bromsgrove along with 4x4 and van units at our facility are highly rated. Plus, we rigorously inspect each product before it takes a place on our shelves.

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