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Are you looking for Winter Check for your vehicle?

From frosted windscreen to a dead car battery, winters in the UK can be particularly difficult on your vehicle. A recent update shows that 45% of car owners do not opt for the necessary winter checks before the onset of this season, which accounts for a considerable percentage of weather-related vehicle accidents.

Therefore, as the temperature plummets, it is imperative that you opt for car winter check Bromsgrove to ensure optimum driving safety and handling.

At Keyworth Garages, we perform a comprehensive car winter check. Book an appointment at your convenience.

Key checks in our winter car service

  • Battery: Winters can be harsh on batteries with the added strain of supplying power to heater and lights. Also, as the temperature drops, the starter motor has to draw more energy from batteries to start the engine. A failing or old battery cannot perform this task. At our garage, our professionals look for the signs of battery failure and will replace the unit if need be.
  • Tyres: Winter roads demand specialised tyres which we stock across various price brackets. You can thus buy a set of winter tyres from us. During winter car service Bromsgrove, we also check tyre pressure and tread depth to ensure maximum safety on icy roads.
  • Lights and indicators: Our winter check services include assessment of all the lights, including fog lamps and indicators. 
  • Windscreen wipers: Clear visibility during extreme winters is of utmost importance. We will ensure that your vehicle’s windscreen is in proper working condition. Also, we check the wiper fluid level and top it up if required. 
  • Coolant and anti-freeze: The coolant (a mixture of water and anti-freeze) level should be optimum. We will run a thorough check on your vehicle’s cooling system and top it up with ant-freeze if necessary.
  • Oil level: Excessive or insufficient oil can cause irreparable damage to your vehicle’s engine performance. Our Winter Check Bromsgrove services includes a dip-stick test. We ensure the oil level lies between the minimum and maximum marks and top it up if required.

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