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Yokohama Tyres

The Yokohama Rubber Company Ltd. manufactures tyres known to be strong, durable and offer superior handling performance as well.

If you seek high-quality Yokohama tyres Bromsgrove, you can visit our garage for the best products.

At  Keyworth Garages., you will find a wide range of Yokohama tyres, which best suits your driving requirements.

Popular Yokohama tyres at our facility

Listed below are the various categories of tyres that you can avail at our store:

Summer tyres

Yokohama summer variants offer increased traction and grip with optimised handling on both wet and dry roads. These tyres are built with hard rubber compound and unique tread patterns that offer high resistance against hydroplaning.


Winter tyres

The unique tread designs, silica-enriched softer tread compound and deeper grooves offer stability and biting snow grip on winter roads.

  • BluEarth WINTER V906

All-season tyres

Yokohama all-season units keep you safe in every weather condition. These tyres are integrated with robust tread compounds that last longer and offer a balanced performance in any climatic condition.

  • BluEarth-4S AW21


Yokohama’s run-flat tyres are supported with extra layers of rubber. These tyres will let you drive at a low speed to cover a limited distance even after a puncture.

  • ADVAN Sport ZPS

Apart from the mentioned tyre segments, the brand also produces various models for performance cars and 4x4s / SUVs.

So, stop searching for "tyres near me".

Contact your Bromsgrove Service Centre to get the best set of tyres for your vehicle. You can also visit our website and book a set online. Pay later at our facility after fitment.

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