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The correct tyre size is crucial to your vehicle’s smooth performance. Hence, manufacturers invest a lot of time and resources to decide the right fit of tyres for a particular car segment. This is because tyre size determines essential performance factors like acceleration and braking.

Hence, you must always opt for the tyre size recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. However, the alpha-numeric code written on the sidewall of car tyres Bromsgrove might be difficult for some to understand.

Our technicians at Keyworth Garages will help you to understand tyre size meaning and select a unit perfect for your car.

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Understanding tyre size

Let’s take an example to decode tyre size meaning: 185/60 R15 84H

  • In this code, the digits ‘185’ reflect the section width of the tyre. This is measured in millimetres.
  • ‘60’ represents the height of the tyre in relation to the width. It is also called aspect ratio.
  • A tyre can have either radial or cross-ply construction. Here, the letter ‘R’ represents that this tyre has a radial construction.
  • ‘15’ indicates the rim size and is measured in inches.
  • ‘84’ represents the load index of the tyre, and hence, refers to the maximum load each unit can carry.
  • Lastly, the letter ‘H’ represents the speed index. In this case, the speed index is 130 mph.

If you are looking for high-quality car tyres Bromsgrove but are not sure which ones to buy, please have a closer look at our website. We have a so-called tyre configurator. Just type in your vehicle’s registration number (number plate). The size most appropriate for your vehicle will show plus all available products. In case you need further information, please call or visit our garage for professional help. We are based at 49 Kidderminster Rd, Bromsgrove B61 7LA.

We stock a vast collection of tyres of various sizes from leading premium, mid-range and budget brands across the world.