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Are you looking for Exhaust Service for your vehicle?

Your car's exhaust system does the crucial task of driving noxious fumes away from the driver and passenger cabins. It is essential to ensure that the car exhaust performs optimally to enhance your driving comfort and safety.

If you are searching for an garage for exhaust repair Bromsgrove, turn to us. 

At Keyworth Garages., our experts conduct a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle’s exhaust. They will thoroughly check all the exhaust components and accordingly suggest necessary repairs and replacements. We also stock genuine spares for various car categories. Hence, if any component of the exhaust system requires replacement, we will provide it with utmost care and precision.

What are the symptoms of a faulty exhaust system?

A malfunctioning exhaust creates uncomfortable cabin experience and also reduces the road worthiness of your car. It will also prevent your vehicle from passing its annual MOT test. Hence, it is crucial to identify the symptoms of a damaged exhaust so that you can avail of our expert help without any delay.

Listed below are some of the distinct symptoms you will encounter if your car's exhaust system is damaged.

  • Strong stench of noxious gases

A faulty exhaust system fails to filter out harmful gases adequately. You will perceive a stench of noxious gases inside the driver and passenger cabins. We recommend you reach us at the earliest in such circumstances.

  • Reduced fuel economy

A damaged exhaust system will also compromise engine performance causing it to burn more fuel to keep the car running. This will result in poor fuel economy.

  • Engine misfiring

Engine misfiring is one of the major symptoms of a faulty automobile exhaust. This occurs when the fumes fail to escape from the catalytic converter due to some obstruction or blockage and causes the motor to misfire.

  • Slower acceleration

If there is any leakage in your car's exhaust system, it will result in slower acceleration.

  • Knocking sounds

A broken exhaust pipe or damaged muffler can cause a knocking or banging sound from beneath your vehicle. If you hear so, you need to get it replaced immediately.

Book an appointment with us for exhaust servicing

If you detect any of the symptoms mentioned above, take the cue and opt for exhaust service Bromsgrove from us.

We thoroughly inspect the following exhaust parts:

  • Exhaust manifold
  • Catalytic converter
  • Exhaust tailpipe
  • Muffler or silencer 
  • Oxygen sensor, etc.

Are you still looking for “exhaust servicing near me”?

End your search with us at Keyworth Garages. and reach us for prompt repairs and replacements at a competitive rate.