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Are you a resident of the civil parish Catshill in Worcestershire looking for quality tyres near me?

You are in luck as Keyworth Garages is here with its collection of reliable and durable tyres for your vehicle. We sell premium and cheap tyres Catshill from brands including Bridgestone, Continental, Yokohama, Dunlop, and Avon. You can buy tyres of your choice from our website as well by placing an order using your car tyre index or vehicle registration number.

We also offer a range of different car services courtesy of our skilled expert team.

Why is wheel alignment Catshill necessary?

Misaligned wheels are a serious safety issue when driving at high speed. It also leads to reduced steering responsiveness. Your vehicle's steering will keep returning to an off-centred position and vibrate unnecessarily.

Conduct a small test when driving on a straight road. Let your steering wheel go and see if it drifts to the side. This is a sign of misaligned wheels. You will also hear a squealing noise when making turns.

Misaligned wheels can be due to several reasons.

Different reasons for wheel misalignment

Here is a list of the different reasons that lead to wheel misalignment.

  • A vehicle hitting boulders or blocks while parking
  • Reduced braking performance of vehicle also impacts wheel alignment
  • When a vehicle gets into an accident
  • Accelerating over speed bumps or potholes

Upon observing any of the above, book an appointment with us for professional wheel alignment. Our technicians will conduct a series of tests and adjust wheel angles to ensure a comfortable drive.

Other car services available at our garage

Want your vehicle control attributes to retain their prime condition? We use state of the art tools and equipment at our garage to repair and replace vehicle components. Here are some of the many services we provide at our garage.

  • Wheel balancing

Technicians will always recommend a standard wheel balancing check to ensure the safety and stability of your vehicle. Unbalanced wheels are a severe safety issue for your car. At our garage, to perform wheel balancing, we mount your car on a balancing machine. The wheels are spun on the balancing machine to measure vibrations to enable technicians to comprehend any discrepancy. To adjust the weight distribution, we add eco-friendly counterweights to your car wheel rim.

  • MOT

We are one of the few authorized service stations in the vicinity that perform MOT Catshill checks. We follow UK government regulations at our garage and provide a VT20 certificate if your vehicle passes the test.

  • Brake repair

Vehicle drifting to one side or brake pedals feeling soft and spongy are signs of a malfunctioning braking system. Swing by our garage as experts here possess considerable knowledge regarding the car's braking mechanism. They conduct an inspection and suggest a replacement of braking components if necessary.

Do not worry about hefty one-time bill payment. We offer an interest-free credit option to pay your total billed amount for your convenience.

Choose us for all your car-related needs!

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