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Tyres Lydiate Ash

Lydiate Ash is a suburb in the north of Worcestershire. There is an absence of reliable garages in the area.

Keyworth Garages is now available to Lydiate Ash residents as a one-stop destination for tyres and other automobile services.

Our collection includes seasonal units such as summer, winter and all-season and vehicle-specific such as UHP, 4X4 and run-flat variants.

Are you looking for more affordable options when you are searching for tyres near me? You can take advantage of our rage cheap tyres Lydiate Ash. These units ensure durable performance and conform to all EU regulations, thus, guaranteeing driving safety and reliability.

Further, we are also an authorised centre for MOT Lydiate Ash.

What are the various car services available at our garage?

At Keyworth Garages, we provide a range of different car services, from wheel alignment to brake repairs, among others.

Our facility has expert technicians adept with these procedures using advanced equipment to deliver efficiency and accuracy.

Why choose wheel alignment Lydiate Ash services at our garage?

Wheel misalignment reduces steering stability and leads to a vibrating steering wheel, affecting your car’s stability. It can also prevent you from passing your MOT test. This makes routine wheel alignment checks necessary for your vehicle.

Dangers of wheel misalignment.

  • Uneven tread wear of car tyres
  • The vehicle keeps swerving to either side
  • Your car steering wheel is off-centred
  • Steering wheel vibrations while driving
  • Loose steering wheel with diminished response

Drop by at our garage today for a standard check. We will speculate for wheel alignment issues and adjust angles as per the original specification.

To ensure your vehicle with optimum performance, you can also opt for our wheel balancing services.

Professional wheel balancing Lydiate Ash

Proper weight distribution across all four wheels improves fuel-efficiency and prevents accelerated tread wear, ensuring tyre durability. It is always safe to ensure to opt for wheel balancing only at reliable car garages like ours.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and tools to check wheel balance and mitigate any existent vibrations. In cases of imbalance, we add eco-friendly counterweights to the wheel rim internals.

Here are some of the causes of wheel imbalance to watch out for

What leads to unbalanced wheels?

  • Constant usage leads to tyre wear
  • Loss of wheel weight when a vehicle drives over bumps at high speed
  • Cold air causes tyres to lose air pressure
  • Uneven weight distribution due to faulty tyre or wheel fitment
  • Poor road conditions, including potholes, boulders, etc.,

If you notice these symptoms, drop by at our garage today at 49 Kidderminster Rd, Bromsgrove B61 7LA!

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