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Are you looking for MOT Marlbrook?

Well, look no further than Keyworth Garages.

The significance of an MOT test is well-known. Failing to renew this certificate can lead up to paying a hefty fine and accumulating penalty points. Therefore, it is ideal to perform MOT checks at regular intervals.

You can call us on 01527916838 to book an MOT check in advance and avoid the queue.

Other services by Keyworth Garages

The MOT check is a part of our wide-ranging vehicle servicing solutions. Here are the others –

Wheel alignment

Over time, a vehicle’s wheels inevitably get misaligned, leading to a number of issues like uneven wear, a shaky steering wheel, or a car pulling to one side. Therefore, it is ideal to get wheels alignment checked at regular intervals to avoid such problems. Properly aligned wheels reduce the drag, provide longer tyre life, and better fuel economy.

You can get in touch with us for a quick wheel alignment Marlbrook.

Wheel balancing

Another aspect of car maintenance is checking the weight distribution across wheels. Any disproportion will result in inadequate steering response, poor braking performance, etc. You can get it resolved at our workshop with assistance from highly trained professionals well-versed in using top-of-the-line equipment.

Brake repair

Brakes suffer wear and tear with regular use, although the extent and frequency of it can vary depending on your driving style and vehicle’s age. Hence, routine brake repair is necessary to keep vehicle safety intact.

Symptoms when brakes are malfunctioning –

  • Brakes feel soft
  • A screeching noise while braking
  • Vibrations in braking pedal
  • Suspension repair

The suspension system of a vehicle suffers the most while driving, and they are highly prone to regular wear and tear. Tell-tale signs of suspension damage: a jarring drive quality, vibrations on the steering wheel, and uneven tyre damages.

Instead of ignoring them, search for “suspension repair near me” or drive down to our workshop at 49 Kidderminster Rd, Bromsgrove B61 7LA, to get it checked and repaired.

Along with these, our service portfolio also includes wheel refurbishment, summer check, winter check, exhaust repair, etc.

You can also find a wide variety of tyres Marlbrook at our store. We are one of the leading retailers of various international brands in this region, providing units across a diverse tyre price range.

Drive down to our garage or go to our website to check our inventory of products that includes high-end premium tyres as well as cheap tyres Marlbrook.

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