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Portway is a parish in the West Midlands. It has few recognized garages in the region, causing a hassle to the commuters facing vehicle issues and searching for professional car garages near me.

That is why Keyworth Garages is here with its collection of quality units for your vehicle. In our inventory, we have car tyres in different designs and sizes. We sell all types of premium, mid-range and cheap tyres Portway. All of these tyres go through rigorous testing before we shelve them to ensure their quality and durability.

We also offer different car services at our garage that you can avail of.

Different services available at our garage

  • Wheel balance

A standard wheel balancing Portway check ensures the safety and stability of your vehicle. Unbalanced wheels are a severe safety issue for your car.

At our garage, we mount your car wheels on a balancing machine to check weight. We spin the car wheels on the balancer to measure vibrations and check for even weight distribution. To adjust the weight distribution, we add eco-friendly counterweights in the wheel rims.

  • MOT

We are one of the authorised service stations in the vicinity that perform MOT Portway checks. We follow UK government regulations at our garage and provide a VT20 certificate if your vehicle passes the test.

  • Brake repair

Vehicle drifting to one side or brake pedals feeling soft and spongy are signs of the malfunctioning braking system. That is why drop by at our garage as experts here possess considerable knowledge regarding the cars braking mechanism.

We are also a reputable car service garage delivering accurate wheel alignment.

Why is a wheel alignment necessary?

When driving at high speed, misaligned wheels can be a safety threat for your vehicle. It reduces steering responsiveness and even leads to tread wear. The vehicle’s steering doesn’t centre and feels loose.

You can even conduct a small test to check for misalignment of car wheels. Let your steering wheel go and see if it returns to its original centre position. Loose steering is a sign of misaligned wheels. You will also hear squealing and screeching sounds when cornering or making a turn.

If you watch out for these simple signs, you can detect wheel misalignment early and drop by at Bromsgrove Service Station to avail of our wheel alignment service. This way, you can prevent expensive car repair cost that comes with delaying routine wheel alignment checks.

Wheel misalignment can occur due to several reasons.

What are the different reasons for availing our wheel alignment Portway service?

Listed here are the different reasons for wheel misalignment.

  • When your vehicle gets into an accident
  • Accelerating over speed bumps or potholes
  • Vehicles hitting uneven grounds while parking
  • Reduced braking performance of a vehicle also impacts wheel alignment

If you notice any of these symptoms, visit Keyworth Garages today!

Our technicians conduct proper inspection and adjust wheel alignment to ensure a comfortable drive.

You can avail of our online tyre booking facility. Visit our website and choose a preferred tyre, and we will mail it to you at our earliest. Moreover, we offer an interest-free credit financing option to cater to clients who are not comfortable paying the entire bill amount upfront.

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